The dynamics of Age Coin’s sound work around the contrast between hard-hitting techno and rusty ambient that echo the intense, bleak temperaments from the musical underground in Copenhagen.

The duo features Kristian Emdal and Simon Formann. When the two of them don’t team up, Emdal is a part of the punk orchestra Marching Church and Formann makes dead-eyed techno under the name Yen Towers. Together, they go by the name Age Coin.

Back in 2011, they released their first tape “Measure” at the label Posh Isolation, and since then they have been part of the label’s catalogue representing a sound with switching drum patterns that trigger a nervous and tense energy at the tipping point of explosion, delivering an industrial mood-building sound with the physicality of techno, inducing anxiety through the occasional application of frenetic textures.

The duo released their second full-length album “Performance” earlier this year. The album underlines Age Coin’s avant-gardism with a strong inspiration from the club.