British-born composer and DIY savant Michal Turtle is a classically trained percussionist and pianist, now based in Basel, Switzerland.

Michal Turtle’s 1983 album Music From The Living Room – completely ignored at the time of its release – was recorded on a four-track portastudio in the living room of his family home in South London, and carries, among others, elements of electro, house, ambient and minimal –  sounds that are still relevant and contemporary today.

Turtle was recently rediscovered by the Amsterdam label: Music From Memory. He released a 12-inch in 2015 and a double album last year titled Phantoms Of Dreamland which peaked the year-end charts on reissues including Factmag, Phonica etc. The album features more tracks from Turtle’s DIY masterpiece Music From The Living Room, expanded and augmented by a number of previously unheard cuts from his archives. The songs are both primitive and deeply forward-thinking, sounding loop- and sample-based though all instruments were played live and layered on tape.

Turtle’s world of rhythm, timbre and texture is crafted to glorious perfection. Synthesizers gurgle like babbling brooks while patterns of minimalist hypnosis circle upward. Next to Vito Ricci and Gigi Masin’s compilations, Turtle currently stands as a cornerstone of Music From Memory’s mighty triumvirate.

Turtle will be performing in a duo featuring Zürich-based dj and musician HOVE (Light of Other Days) in a joined live set.