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Takahide Higuchi might be better known as 食品まつり a.k.a Foodman – the Tokyo based electronic music producer and visual artist.


Foodman actively works with a wide variety of genres including techno, house, raw electronic percussion, concretism, footwork and ambient. His work is characterized by an incredible creativity, where he favours melody, harmony, timbre and syncopation.


Inspired by juke and the offshoot genre footwork, Foodman finds that the music is a way of expressing one self and a way in which one can approach sound that transcends different genres. When working with his music, the artist explores it from an experimental angle as he feels it contains the potential to be something other than dance music. His work is in no way arbitrary or about gratuitous imposition, but is instead a deeply cultured and intuitive take on his observations.


Foodman’s show at PHONO will be his first on European soil, so make sure to give him a proper welcome!


If you want to read more on 食品まつり a.k.a Foodman, you can follow the link to Resident Advisor’s article or the article over at The Japan Times.