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Aïsha Devi’s both raw and fragile vocals guide you through a universe combining her Nepalese/Tibetan roots and abstract techno/club structure. Her music is influenced by synth leads known from trance and sound esthetic of modern trap beats. Aïsha Devi’s music becomes unique by her inspiration by two intercultural realms of knowledge.


Firstly, her heritage which shows through her inspiration from Tibetan monk sounds and Sufism. Secondly, her Swiss physicist grandfather through a conversation about the parallels between physics and spirituality. All this is summarized in her debut album “Of Matter And Spirit” released on Houndstooth last year – a follow up to her EP “Conscious Cunt” from 2014.


She is no newcomer to the scene and has been releasing music for over 10 years through Trevor Jackson’s Output and James Holden’s Border Community. In 2013 she started a new adventure with her own label, Danse Noire.


Experience a journey into deconstructed club music, bliss and ego with Aïsha Devi.


If you want to learn more about Aïsha Devi, check We Need A New Religion: Aisha Devi talks with Tianzhuo Chen or Of Mind and Matter: Video Game Premiere + Interview with Aïsha Devi and Emile Barret.


Photo: Emile Barret