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Ash Koosha is a multi-instrumentalist composer, record producer and film director. He is fascinated by the future and how humans will be – and already is – interacting with the digital surroundings, and the philosophical nature of this shines through in his music.


Gifted with the ability of synaesthesia, Koosha is able to see sounds. He utilizes this gift by being able to systematize his ability, and treat sound as a physical matter, which he can manipulate. By treating his samples like physical objects, Koosha stretches, distorts and moulds sounds, in a process he himself calls “finding geometry in sounds”; and the results are often original, futuristic and breathtakingly beautiful.


Being fascinated with the future of technology, Koosha is a virtual reality pioneer and is going to release possibly the world’s first virtual reality album for Oculus Rift later this year.
In conjunction with Hirad Sab, the visual artist behind the “GUUD” and “I Feel That” videos, the two are currently working on a live show in which elements from virtual reality will be incorporated. The show will be debuting during the summer, and PHONO is proud to announce that this will be a first for the Danish music scene!

You can listen to Koosha’s FACT mix 539 or give his Soundcloud a try.