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Brassfoot x Lord Tusk

For the first time ever, the two London based blokes will perform a live hardware show together.


The two artists are, however, no strangers to each other. Back in 2014, Lord Tusk and Brassfoot created sick grooves on the split 12’’ EP “Space Invaders” through the label Apron Records. The EP contained four tracks, where Lord Tusk brought in some colossal beats with both an instrumental and normal version of his “Space Invaders”, while Brassfoot threw in the raw with his “Foxhole” and “Chugginville”.


Lord Tusk is a master producer, sound curator and connoisseur of audio waves. He has shown his capability in different genres, putting out tracks influenced both by dub, vintage electro and house.
Since their collaboration, Brassfoot released his first solo EP, getting much critical acclaim. As an artist, he draws inspiration from different influences including dub reggae, hardcore hip hop, NY House and Techno.


Do not let this opportunity pass you. Join us at PHONO, when this one-off show hits the stage!