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Where can you experience a techno giant, an afrobeat legend, and a sound design pioneer mixing dub, techno, jazz, and krautrock? This year on Phono, you can.


Moritz Von Oswald and Max Loderbauer have both been fixtures on the electronic scene for decades. Von Oswald has since the early 90’s made an imprint on almost all subsequent techno with his perfectionistic sense of minimalistic, dubbed rhythm – and Loderbauer with his pioneering force in sound design and avant-garde music production.


The Moritz von Oswald Trio is also formed by Tony Allen, one of the founders of afrobeat and a true drummer legend, who has taken over the percussions from Vladislav Delay. When Allen’s percussive work meets the electronics of von Oswald and Loderbauer, an organic and vivid mood arises. The trio keeps the same fearless, exploring paths as always  in ‘Sounding Lines’ (2015), mixed by Ricardo Villalobos, discovering new, hypnotic and surprising combinations of dub techno, classical music, and jazz.


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Moritz Von Oswald Trio is presented by Goethe Institute Dänemark and Musikhuset Posten