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The amount of releases and aliases that Uwe Schmidt has accumulated since 1983 is, simply put, astonishing – as is the sheer diversity of material. From the tongue-in-cheek latin electro of Señor Coconut to the cool romanticism of his earlier work as Atom TM, from bouncy acid-techno to crisp electronic pop, Schmidt has remained one of the most singular and prolific artists in modern electronic music.

In 2013, Schmidts latest magnum opus, HD, was released on long-time label Raster-Noton. It was a caustic critique of the inner workings and mainstream artists of an increasingly cynical global music business, in the guise of perfectly formed electronic pop and soul tracks. A perfect mix of Kraftwerk and state-of-the-art production techniques, HD forms the basis of Schmidts partly improvised audio-visual live-set. Headed by tracks such as ”Stop (Imperialist Pop)”, ”Ich Bin Meine Machine” and ”Pop HD”, the tracks mix Schmidts heavily treated vocals with intricately detailed, glitchy electro to a futurist vision of what pop music could and should be.

Atom™ is an exemplary artist who has never stopped evolving and engaging with contemporary music. We could not be prouder to finally be able to present him at this 10th version of PHONO.

RBMA’s A Guide To Atom™ is recommended reading.

Atom™ is presented by Goethe-Institut Dänemark