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To give French producer and now-legendary Italo-progenitor Bernard Fevre the classification ‘obscure’ would be a bit of an understatement. Remaining largely hidden from some of the most scrutinizing musical archeologists, a copy of his danceable 1978 masterpiece ‘Disco Club’ was exhumed by Rephlex Records at a car boot sale around 2004.

Reissued by Aphex Twin’s now defunct label later that year, the EP quickly stirred both equal parts excitement and disbelief, many accusing the trickster Richard D. James of fabricating the whole thing as some elaborate hoax. These rumors were quickly turned down by Fevre himself, stepping out of obscurity and into the limelight as one of the founding fathers of disco – only rivaled by his even more famous contemporary, Georgio Moroder, who’s debut came out just a year before Fevre’s.

Drawing from a distinctly darker yet just as immediately enjoyable vein as Moroder, Bernard Fevre’s deeply personal take on what would become the disco-craze is unique in its insistence on incorporating even now distinctly foreign-sounding textures of synths and vocal treatments.

Under his alias Black Devil Disco Club, Fevre has been steadily releasing records and performing live with his leg-stimulating electronic music ever since his mid-00’s resurgence. We are both proud and honored to host this rediscovered legend at PHONO15 – not only will this be his PHONO-debut, it will also mark the first pure disco-performance at PHONO ever!