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With honor, PHONO presents the very first live show between two of the most innovative recent industrial rethinkers. Emerging from France, Black Zone Myth Chant & Low Jack will collide into something unsplittable and unknown.

Behind the Black Zone Myth Chant alias hides the even more mysterious and prolific psych-drone artist High Wolf. With his wigged-out, afro-centric, riddim-driven psychedelia, Black Zone Myth Chant mulch the vibes and fibres of celestial jazz, dub and improvised noise to break down the boundaries between Sun Ra, DJ Screw, and Vox Populi! with a smoked-out, noisy and blurred vision.

Editions Gravats label head Low Jack aka Philippe Hallais takes classic industrial aesthetics to the next level by crossing boundaries with ethno-shamanic trance, punk improvisations, East Coast hip hop and piercing noise. Low Jack’s uniqueness is widely known and with strong releases on respected labels – L.I.E.S., The Trilogy Tapes, Delsin, In Paradisum – Low Jack is a name to watch, as he will continuously challenge trends and appear where he is not expected.

We can’t wait to premiere this collab live show. Expect loads of hardware.