Blood Sport is chaotic and utterly hypnotizing. Inspired by bands such as This Heat, Blood Sport is continuing a proud lineage of making head-spinning music.

Blood Sport formed in Sheffield in 2010. Since then the trio have forged an arresting sound practice from within the city’s industrious art/music community. Their blistering guitar dynamics and pointed-yet-pointillist lyrics mesh into rough-house, techno-gilded polyrhythms, with an untrammelled urgency pervading their tightly wound sound and all that surrounds and informs it. Blood Sport have a relentless, heavily structuralist live show, a tapestry of noise and rhythm delivered with ferocious intensity, girding and grinding the audience into movement.

Feverishly directing their output through their Hybrid Vigour alias, a myriad of live shows, mixes and releases have seen their purpose become increasingly sequenced for the dancefloor. Curating nights and performing with the likes of Mica Levi, Nkisi, Inga Copeland and Islam Chipsy has seen them experiment with the format and purpose of a live music space. Performances intertwine with records, improvisation clashes with dance-calibrated euphoria, entire nights colliding and mutating into a vivid reinterpretation of a back-to-back DJ set.

Following on from their acclaimed Axe Laid to Root, released on Blast First Petite, the last year has seen them occupy a residency in the hallowed Moog Sound Lab alongside Hieroglyphic Being, the release their first live album Live at Cafe Oto on Howling Owl Records as well as an imminent double A-side for exhilarating mega-don DJ Helena Hauff and her label Return to Disorder.