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A self-described “tornado of bleeps”, French producer and master-manipulator Debmaster aka Julien Deblois never settles for less than spectacle.

Finding inspiration in a vast variety of musical traditions, Demaster’s live shows are a powerful demonstration of the beneficent clash between computational order and flowing, human expression, between laptop, controller and dextrous button-pushing. Hiphop beats, African tribal rhythms, haunting 8-bit melodies and joyous techno are all right at home in Debmaster’s unique corner of of the world. This eccentric mix makes for a very special performance, lined with the kind of skewed precision which seems to permeate Deblois’ musings no matter the specific output.

Armed with a minimal set-up consisting of a laptop and a few select controllers, Debmaster constantly pulls, pushes and twists his wide array of sounds on an exhilarating musical ride, only rarely letting himself or the audience up for a breath of fresh air. His energetic approach has secured him a place amongst some of PHONO’s most beloved artists, and we’ve been lucky to have had the chance to showcase Debmaster at a selection of PHONO-related events since his debut at the festival in 2011.

2015 is no different, and we’re proud as ever to have Debmaster join us on the line-up for this year’s celebration.