The Tent | PHONO Festival | Vice Denmark | Jlin | Zadig | Simo Cell | Ctrls | Anastasia Kristensen | Troels Hass | Darmstadt DJs | Friday 22:00-03:00 | Saturday 22:00-05:00 | Distortion Ø, Refshalevej 163, Copenhagen K | 

This year, VICE Denmark and PHONO festival have teamed up to bring you a scene with throbbing techno and killer light setting in order to celebrate the Copenhagen nightlife. The Tent will be your go-to place for a next level outdoor club experience accompanied by hit makers and beat shakers that proudly includes the first show on Danish soil by Chicago’s very own Jlin, solid techno by the French masterminds Simo Cell and Zadig. There will be a full focus on four-to-the-floor, when CTRLS and Anastasia take the stage. Furthermore Darmstadt DJs and Troels Hass will hit it with a consistent beat that will ensure that you’ll be stepping all through the night. 

Line up

Jlin, LIVE (US) 
Jlin has taken footwork from the streets of Chicago and straight to the top of the charts. She has brought a more sophisticated sound to footwork’s witty and gritty menagerie that gives footwork a more complex structure and still remains custom-built for the dancefloor. When her debut album “Dark Energy,” released on Planet Mu, hit the shelves in 2015 it got a lot of hype due to the weird mix of euphoria and anxiety propelled by baselines made out of what sounds like a sampled voodoo delirium combined with a whirling ritualistic sound. The result made her sound a smashing hit. Her latest release “Black Lotus” from February continues her complex spin and brings new visions for the hyper-kinetic sound behind Jlin. 

Zadig (FR)
Paris’ techno scene continues to rise from the ashes of the early 2000s to the vibrant, world-recognized heights. It now occupies names like Antigone, Voiski and Birth of Frequency, and the chief among them are Construct Re-Form label-boss Zadig. With his army of machines, he encompasses both contemporary and bygone sounds with stabby synths and swirling quality, undulating violently through the sounds of 909-sourced drums tailored to bring the beats to the next level. 

Simo Cell (FR) 
Simo Cell is a rising, French talent. As a very technical producer, Simo Cell stands out through his singular style that melts UK codes to an extensive electronic music background including Detroit’s finest legacy and innovative experimental music. His two first EPs on Dnuos Yvitil and Fragil Musique clearly illustrate an affiliation with the Bristol scene, and put forward many influences acquired after several years playing and traveling worldwide. As a DJ, he performs a very original and adaptive repertoire giving room to experimenting but always keeping club requirements in mind. Listening to a Simo Cell’s set is always unpredictable and full of discovery.

Ctrls + Anastasia Kristensen (DK)
This is a duo consisting of one part Ctrls and one part Anastasia Kristensen. Ctrls, founded In 2012 with Token Records as home base, is the pseudonym of Troels Knudsen. Anastasia Kristensen is known for her eclecticism in musical taste as wide-reaching and encompassing. Her sound is always elegantly manifested in all of her techno journeys. Bring the two together and the result is an uncompromising view on techno. 

Troels Hass
Troels Hass is a busy gentleman. Not only is he a tuned dj with scratches that itch perfectly, he is also the boss behind the counter at Percy records in Copenhagen and part of the booking squad behind PHONO festival, Proton and Klub Ana. He will bring tracks that back the punch – secret weapon guaranteed. 

It’s always deep and dubby, dark and punchy when the vibrant techno duo shows off their natural talents. The two DJ-gigolos behind Darmstadt are Anders Olesen and Mikkel Stensgaard with an obvious knack for the hard-hitting stuff as you recall from the Dismantle parties. 


22:00 – 00:00: Troels Hass (DK)
00:00 – 03:00: Simon Cell (UK)

22:00 – 00:00: Darmstadt (DK)
00:00 – 02:30: Zadig (FR)
02:30 – 05:00: Ctrls & Anastasia Kristensen (DK)

VICE Danmark
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