History will remember DJ Lag as a pioneer who propelled the quintessentially Durban Gqom sound beyond the confines of the coastal city and straight into the capitals of the international electronic music industry.

At first listen, it might not appear obvious how Gqom’s minimalist, bass-heavy sound would take Lwazi Asanda Gwala from the Clermont township in Durban to conquering dancefloors in Europe and Asia. But DJ Lag’s superb production skills have played a big part in transforming a sub-genre of house – one that began by soundtracking taxi trips around Durban – to an enviably innovative participant in the global scene.

The 21-year-old made his live global debut in the closing months of 2016. Now’s the chance to experience the Gqom King’s ability to use the sparsest production tools to create some of the most evocative, even soulful, electronic music around.