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Although the genre has only recently gained attention outside of Chicago, mainly thanks to the Bangs & Works compilations on Planet Mu, DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad have been part of the scene for more than a decade. Alongside producers such as Traxman and RP Boo the pair have been rummaging through their local musical heritage and recycled what they could in their angular, pneumatic and outright bangin’ productions and DJ sets.

The music itself is heavily syncopated, at the same time both strangely abstract and jacking. It might be hard to dance to unless you happen to have been raised in the ghettoes of The Windy City, but it is equally hard to sit still as heaps of hardhitting, sliced-up beats come charging at you. The beats swirl in and out of a kaleidoscopic mix of vocal samples, melodic synth lines and pads, evoking and deconstructing everything from oldschool chi-house, hip-hop and ghettotech to jungle and techno.

With an approach to rhythm and sampling which is as avantgarde as it is deadly on the dance floor, footwork is some of the most exhilarating and original dance music of recent years. We are certain that DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad will be bringing the real, advanced stuff to PHONO this year. Do Not Miss!