Few people can keep the ravey spirit alive on the dancefloor the way Errorsmith can. His real name is Erik Wiegand, he’s based in Berlin and he indulges thorny computer-music and peak-time impulses weaving between punchy grooves and brutal chaos.

The importance of Erik Wiegand is twofold. First, there are his achievements through a diverse range of collaborations. But beyond that he is a perfect archetype of the electronic music’s ninja moving in the shadows and shaping the sound of the future.

Errorsmith produces clubmusic in the broadest sense since the mid 90’s. He is part of MMM (together with Berghain resident DJ Fiedel) and Smith n Hack (with Soundstream/Soundhack). Errorsmith is a solo project dedicated to the expansion of the sonic horizon through digital sound synthesis. Backed by his studies of communication and computer science, Errorsmith builds his own instruments using a modular software synthesizer. In fact building and improving the instrument while developing a musical piece is the main part of music making. Often a technical idea is the starting point of a track. The musical value and possibilities of such ideas are explored.

In his live performances, Errorsmith improvises on selfbuilt digital live tools. Again, the exploration into what can be done ‘live’ is constitutional for the musical results and different from the studio material. His aim is to give himself a high degree of freedom and immediacy during his improvisation. This is realized with realtime sound synthesis, which allows direct sound variations. The use of samples is avoided deliberately because of their ‘static-ness.’


The performance at PHONO is proudly presented in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Dänemark.