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Frederik Denning has, with his 6 solo releases in four years and several more with groups Mythic Sunship and F.E. Denning Descension Orchestra, proved himself to be one of the most exciting and productive forces in Danish experimental music.

His latest album “Cities of Light” was released on Copenhagen-based label Posh Isolation like most of his other material, but Denning has also put out releases on Blodrøde Floder and Infinite Waves.

F.E Denning captures the listener with layers of ambient soundscapes endlessly dissolving and rebuilding. The atmospheric synth drones create an enveloping, but yet fragile sense of isolation or longing.

A long-lived fascination with field recordings also comes into play in the works of Denning, adding to the sense of a constant presence of the outside world in his very personal and introvert musical universe.

Use this opportunity to submerge yourself in a pool of everlasting synths and drift away as F.E Denning creates the soundtrack to your daydreams.