Where can I buy tickets?

The only official sale of tickets for PHONO Festival is: Resident Advisor.

During the festival you can purchase tickets at the door for.


Earlybird ticket (three days): 38,00 €

Festival pass (three-days): 50,00 €

Thursday: 25,00 €
Friday: 25,00 €
Saturday: 25,00 €

Buy your ticket here.

Where do I exchange my ticket for a wristband?

At the main venue’s entrance.

Which venues are part of PHONO 2017?

The festival will take place at two venues:

PHONO Main venue: Kunsthal Ulys
Gamle Havnekaj 25, 5000 Odense

Slotsgade 18B, 5000 Odense

What are the festival’s hours?

Music programme

Thursday: 18.00 – 02.00
Friday: 18.00 – 02.00
Saturday: 18.00 – 02.00


Thursday: 02.00 – 50.00
Friday: 02.00 – 05.00
Saturday: 02.00 – 05.00

Can I volunteer?

PHONO is based exclusively on volunteers. We could always use people to help make this festival even better. For the ones that are totally into PHONO and want to contribute to this festival, feel free to email us: word@phonofestival.dk

Am I old enough to attend PHONO17?

Of course you are!! But if you want to buy alcohol, you better bring an identification card with picture (ex. driver’s license or passport). By law we only serve alcohol for people over 18 years of age.

Will there be food at the festival?

There will be food served at the main venue throughout the PHONO Festival.

How about film/photography?

We have a skilled crew of professional photographers, and they will capture as many musical moments for the PHONO aftermath. We do appreciate our audience’s effort of taking pictures but please do consider your fellow visitor before using flash or pointing cameras in other people’s line of sight.

I can’t find my question in this FAQ section, what should I do?

We try to keep our website as updated as possible. If you can’t seem to find the answer to your question anywhere on our site, feel free to email us: word@phonofestival.dk



First of all, we should make clear that PHONO is located close to Odense train-station. Although ‘Odense’ sounds like a city far away, it’s actually quite easy to get there. We recommend going by bus or train from Copenhagen Central Station. Search your local international transport-site on how to get to Copenhagen.

We recommend Rød Billet since they stop right by the train-station. Book your ticket here. 

DSB (Danish national train service) can take you from Copenhagen Central Station to Odense in just 1,5 hours. Check your schedule at Rejseplanen and buy your ticket here.

* seat reservation shouldn’t be necessary but advisable if you want to secure yourself a nice warm-up seat to get ready for PHONO17.


Odense is quite a small city, which makes it possible to reach most necessary shops and landmarks by foot. However, you can rent a city-bike (requires deposit of 500 DKK for non danish residents. Free first 30 minutes, hereafter 10 DKK / hour). It’s quite easy to get a taxi in Odense city. Just call up Odense Taxa at +45 66154415. Prices can be found here.

Of course, public transport by bus is also possible in Odense. 


Pass time activity:

In Recordpusher located at Overgade 18 you can pass the time crate digging after new and old jams. The shop also has a bar and Coffee station where you can discuss your findings with Bo, the owner, or fellow peers.

Check out the city’s massive music library. More info here.


You probably already have your favourite go-to website for searching for hotel and hostel accommodation. Otherwise we recommend Cabinn or Danhostel for a cheap stay in Odense City. Both are also walking distance to the PHONO venue.

Want the luxury of private accommodation from one of the fine residents of Odense? Go Airbnb to find nice and cheap private accommodation.