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We’re finally ready to reveal the last five acts at this year’s PHONO Festival, and this round of announcements packs a real punch in quite a lot of ways.

First off, there’s the collaboration between Hans-Joachim Irmler of ground-breaking Faust fame and drummer Jaki Liebezeit, known for his tenure as the slightly fluttering heartbeat in German masters of Kraut-pounding improvisation, CAN. Adjoined under the telling name Irmler + Liebezeit, the two iconic figures plot out hitherto unknown territory for organ and drums/percussion, and we’re extremely proud of having these two musical giants united on our main stage.

Another exciting collaboration can be found with the inclusion of French duo Black Zone Myth Chant & Low Jack. Representing nothing less than a world premiere at PHONO15, the pair of individually successful artists have decided to join forces on stage at this year’s festival. On his own, Black Zone Myth Chant operates under the alias High Wolf, producing entire landscapes of dubby, droning psychedelia, while record label boss Low Jack concocts his unique mash of ghetto hip hop, shamanistic trance-induction and industrially-inspired downbeats. Expect everything at once from this ragtag pair of experimentalists and their vast amounts of musical hardware.

Not lacking punch is the least you can say about producer Ekman. Hailing from the Netherlands, this rising star on the scene for hard-hitting, sombre electro was raised on a lysergic cocktail mix of Dutch 1990s techno and electro-vibrations from legendary The Hague-based Bunker Records. Equal parts malefactor and benefactor for the dancing mind, “every creation starts with destruction” is Ekman’s confessed motto, and we can’t wait to let him show our audience the exact meaning behind those word.

Also joining the line-up is British 8-bit-head Tapes whose rather peculiar blend of bass-heavy digital dancehall and dub atmospherics has earned him a place amongst the most innovative modern electronic adventurers. Known for his DJ sets on cassettes, Tapes’ performance at PHONO15 will showcase his talents as a live-performer – a talent which has also secured him his spot at digital dancehall top-label Jahtari.

Finally, and we’re not going to hide our enthusiasm one bit with this one, we are so very, very pleased to have our dear friend, German retrofuturist and self-described Dadaist, Felix Kubin back on the line-up at PHONO15. Kubin has, on average, performed in some shape or form at every second PHONO Festival since our humble beginnings in 2006, and being able to yet again let our audience experience this truly one of a kind master in his very own field of German schlager, Neue Deutsche Welle-style electro and sheer showmanship makes us immensely proud. Felix Kubin will be performing a solo live-set.

But wait! There’s more. Stay tuned for more news and announcements.

Meanwhile, click the links below to read more about each individual artist:

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