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When the festival kicks off in September, it is going to be an explosion of senses in the shape of light and laser-sound in industrial settings.

PHONO can, among others, present The Egyptian Lover (US) – the almighty pharaoh of dry electro-funk and first-generation of hip-pop-pioneer. Holly Herndon (US) delivers transhuman choral works drained directly from the data-stream meanwhile the british Ralph Cumbers performs two concerts with his aliases Bass Clef and Some Truths.

The three names is a combination of tradition and innovation. The Egyptian Lover (US) has been a part of the game over the last 30 years whereas Holly Herndon contributes with a whole new sound. When we saw her at Berlin Transmediale last year, we were absolutely certain that she was going to be a part of PHONO, says Mikkel West.

PHONO Festival takes place from September 10.-14. in the old FAF-silo placed by the harbour in Odense.