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This year’s line-up is really taking shape, and we are very proud to present five thrilling names at PHONO15.

Considered one of the absolute pioneers of industrial music, British experimentalists Clock DVA released their debut “White Souls in Black Suits” on Throbbing Gristle’s groundbreaking label Industrial Records in 1980. After an impressive streak of albums, EPs and singles, the constant frontman and visionary Adi Newton laid the group to rest in 1994, only to resuscitate it 14 years later. 2011 saw the now reimagined trio of Newton, Maurizio “TeZ” Martinucci and Shara Vasilenko play a series of festivals and one-off concerts all over Europe. Meanwhile, industrial music, post-punk and Electronic Body Music acted as some of the positively biggest sources of inspiration for a vast array of electronic artists during the 2000s – an inspiration still felt in hard-hitting techno and the nightmarish soundscapes of ambient music’s darker shadow-conjurers. 

Now, as relevant as ever, Clock DVA stand poised to deliver an intense and overwhelming audiovisual performance – we can hardly wait.

Exchanging sinister machinery for lazy, loopy summer days we have Lone AKA Matt Cutler. Since his debut “Everything is Changing Colour” in 2007, the prolific Brit has put out six albums and a slew of EPs and singles filled with instrumental hip hop beats, rave-ish 1990’s nods and ambient, house-inspired textures. Drawing on acts such as Boards of Canada and producer Madlib, Cutler cuts and weaves his unique amalgamation of elements into a cohesive and ultimately extremely enjoyable tapestry of sounds. Besides positive feedback from both press and concertgoers, this distinctive take led him to at least a snippet of mainstream acclaim, when the American rapper Azealia Banks brought him in as producer on two tracks from her debut release. At PHONO15, Cutler will be joined on stage by audiovisual artist and performer Konx-Om-Pax.

We are also excited to present Danish DJ-turned-live performer Rune Bagge and his dub-inspired outings, while Italian DIY-eccentric Grün mimes nature’s inner processes through his recycled machines and last, but by no means least, SØS Gunver Ryberg and her academically founded, hyper-percussive take on techno as a an artistic modus operandi.

Stay tuned for more news!

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