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The full-blown programme for PHONO16 is now announced with the addition of Scottish ‘Mother’ as this year’s resident DJ and yet another world premiere in the form of Brassfoot & Lord Tusk. Festival Manager Anders Olesen guides and provides an overview of some of the artists on this year’s programme.

The English artists Brassfoot and Lord Tusk have previously been released on either side of the 12” split-EP ‘Space Invaders’, released through Apron Records. Now the artists join sides when they play a world premiere collaborative live-set at PHONO16. Furthermore, the Scottish DJ, vinyl enthusiast and record label owner, Mother, has been added to the program as this year’s resident DJ. This concludes the full programme for this year’s festival. Booker and festival manager, Anders Olesen, proudly presents the programme:

“It’s always an honour to present the festival programme of the year, and PHONO16 is no exception. This year’s absolute headliner is of course the pioneers and legends Moritz Von Oswald Trio ft. Tony Allen & Max Loderbauer with their jazzy and organic dub-techno. We are incredibly proud of that specific booking but PHONO is and should be much more than headliners. PHONO is the place for exploring an uncompromising and innovative electronic music programme. On this front, this year’s lineup may be our strongest to date.

With current upcoming artists and special collaborations, the programme of 2016 broadly embraces the countless genres which electronic music merges and creates. From Aïsha Devi’s (CH) bass-heavy, deconstructed and simultaneously shamanic club music, over Huerco S.’ (US) unredeemed ambient, to Foodman’s (JP) avant-garde sound universe of footwork, house and ambient. While the Iranian immigrant and multimedia artist Ash Koosha may make the festival’s (and possibly Denmark’s) first virtual reality audio/visual show, new collaborations also have their world premiere at this year’s festival. When techno aficionado and Power Vacuum label owner Kruton infects underground hip-hop legend Sensational’s crazy rap lyrics with heavy electronic beats, and when Brassfoot connects his machines along with Lord Tusk’s, the stage is set for the really heavy, groovy and danceable premiere shows.

Shortly, it can be said about this year’s programme, that it is incredibly strong and fully in the spirit of PHONO, being uncompromisingly nerdy without being scaring, it is highly innovative, contemporary and diverse. That’s PHONO16 .”

See the official PHONO16 poster here: