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Goodiepal, DJ Audiosvar, Gæoudijparl, Mainpal inv, Den Århus Tekno Kriger etc. These are just of few of the aliases under which you can find Kristian Vester, ­ best known as Goodiepal. As a juggernaut on the international art scene, Goodiepal has been putting out records, tapes, cd’s, files, books and a wide array of objects and icons for nearly 20 years. The art of Goodiepal has therefore always been hard to categorize, but has always revolved around the electronic music scene. Early European rave culture has had a big influence on his sound, but also classical composition and the Scandinavian folk music tradition plays a role in the musical output of Kristian Vester.

Goodiepal got a lot of media attention a few years back with the release of a series of records, as one of the editions contained 500 Danish crowns – twice as much as the price of the record itself. The media also covered his war against the modern perception of electronic music and his fight for ”radical computer music”.

No one knows what to expect during Goodiepal’s show at PHONO15. Goodiepal himself has explained the performance as ”Fuck art – sunglasses inside – Hiphop and rock & roll 4 ever”. But like anything in the universe of Den Århus Tekno Kriger, this and everything else can change before the 10th of September.