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The moniker of Berlin-based artist Daniele De Santis, Grün is a project metaphorically and literally dedicated to greenness. Green, as in the sustainable reuptake of scrapped electronic parts, rebuilt and reshaped into homemade analogue synthesis modules, and green, as in the organic and biomimetic way the music organically evolves in an improvised mixture of field recordings and electronically generated sounds.

Texturally, De Santis’ music is a complex field of sub-bass impulses and fluttering, high-frequency jitters, resembling sprawling microbiological worlds, amplified and enhanced through a microscope. Grün recycles discarded circuitry and skillfully turns it into deep and organic sounds and shapes of nature dissected: Pulsing chlorophyll coursing through trees, wriggling larvae under black soil and the slow decomposition of biomass.

Dark, mysterious and as beautiful as the small works of art that are his homemade music-machines, Grün insists on truly implementing the concept of “green” in every part of his music and work, and comes up with something which simultaneously feels incredibly richly textured and utterly significant.