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Günther Schickert was a part of the explosively creative krautrock scene in Germany in the 1960’s and 70’s. Having originally trained as a trumpeter, he made the guitar his main instrument and began plaing free jazz, developing his playing style to rely heavily on layers of repeated notes and overdubs, a style to be named ”echo guitar”.

Mostly a background figure in the early years of kraut, his music has remained largely obscure and unknown – and undeservedly so. Although it bears resemblance to kraut legends such as Achim Reichel, who developed a similar playing technique, and Manuel Göttsching of Ash Ra Tempel, it works perfectly in and of itself. His two first, and best known, solo recordings, Samtvogel and Überfallig, are great examples of the kind of underground classics, that very few people have actually heard, but that a lot of people have heard of. Luckily, the internet has brought these outstanding records into the light, and Überfallig have recently seen re-release on the excellent Bureau B label. It is an amazing record, cosmic, hallucinogenic, ever expanding, and Schickerts playing is great troughout.

He has since played with Klaus Schultze, with whom he recently released The Schulze-Schickert Session which combines Schickert’s signature echo guitar with Schultze’s eerie, interstellar synths to great effect.

Pharoah Chromium is the alias of Ghazi Barakat, a musician working on the fringes of electronic and experimental music. Mixing a kind of post-krautrock repetitiveness with static drones and echoes of North African folk music, he creates barren, ominous soundscapes that change and wriggle unexpectedly. His live sets are strange and theatrical with Barakat playing and manipulating the sound of his punji-flute electronically while wearing a golden mask.

Schickert and Barakat will play a series of shows, both as solo artists and together, as part of the new day time program. We can’t tell you exactly what to expect other than a hypnotic, psychedelic journey to some unknown destination.