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10 years ago, when HVAD (as Kid Kishore) went on stage for the first edition of PHONO, few knew what to expect. 10 years later it’s still the same.

Within his ever-evolving and truly unique sound you can still hear the deconstructed echoes of his musical past, as low frequencies and chaotic drum patterns dance and collide with cut-up voices and HVAD’s signature rolls.

In this musical melting pot, Indian ragas and Nørrebro’s bass culture come together while a smorgasbord of diverse genres such as gabba, hardcore, ghetto-tech, drone and ambient adds flavour to the mix.

The man behind the Syg Nok-label and Kommunal Dubplate Service has also performed at PHONO as part of Albertslund Terrorkorps and Faderhuset, laying down underground anthems like ”Hustla Hele Dayn” and ”Hva Saa Hvad”.

Today, the hi-speed hardcore sounds have melted into a musical expression in which every sound is delivered with zen-like precision, creating trance-inducing hypnotic patterns riding along distorted kicks and familiar drum machine-sounds.

We are looking forward to our joined anniversary with this one-of-a-kind presence on the Danish electronic scene.