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Hidden behind the alias Ina Ynoki is the polyhedral mind of multi-instrumentalist, DJ and visionary electronic producer Roberto Dolcetti.

After treading the stage of Italy’s scene for hardcore punk for more than 25 years, gathering a tremendous collection of analogue machines and vinyl recordings, he has followed his sudden gravitational pull towards electronic music, slowly developing his unique and fully unconventional art of sampling, where the echo of a limitless musical culture can be easily discerned. Ina Ynoki’s overwhelmingly prolific (but as of yet hidden) production depicts a kaleidoscopic scenario made up of unpredictable sound sculptures suspended in a constant state of inner organic revolution, resonating with a very wide range of sonorities ranging from sci-fi, punk and post-wave to ethnic and classical timbres.

A spontaneous talent in instant composition combined with an open, powerful and uninhibited approach to arrangement gives life to a purely instinctive sound, almost painted in a timeless grid, mixed with a consciously brutal performative approach, a blessing for bored souls and ears.

Ina Ynoki has a key role in the new course of Dromoscope activities; the platform will release Ina Ynoki’s debut album during 2015.