Machine love 24/7

From synth-goth-freak-funk to oldschool-acid-house the music of Frankie Twilight is hard to crop and so is the person behind. She finds it hard to fit in and have little social interaction, however she has a tremendous amount of passion and love for music.

Interview with Frankie Twilight by Sandra S. Borch

Her entire life is wrapped around music. For the Swedish Frankie Twilight it’s an issue of personal and spiritual necessity: “I’m surrounded by music all the time, day and night 24-7.” she states and continues: “music communicates with my state of mind better than anything else, that’s how I live and that’s how ideas come to life I guess.”

“Then there’s of course a more technical aspect of it all” she adds and explains “getting to know machines and expanding your knowledge regarding music production etc. I got to admit that sound engineering stuff has not been the most thrilling part of the process for me, but that’s changing too. I try not to force my interest whether it concerns creativity or more technical aspects of producing, Once you create your own take on whatever, that’s when things start to become interesting and pleasurable.” Her obsession with electronic music took shape with the sound of a Juno 60, she explains, ”I remember seeing Joey from The Locust mangling away on a Juno 60 like 20 years ago, that sound was my first experience of machine love, which resulted in me getting the same synth about 6 years later. Raymond Scott was also one of the first to plant a seed of curiosity. Electronic dance music came later, initially I was mostly into more experimental stuff.” Since then it has been hard work, very little social life and passion that has made her keep on turning knobs.

I asked her how she fits in the environment in Malmö, the city she is currently based in, she laughs, adding: “ I don’t fit in, I never did anywhere and Malmö is no exception”. She continues, “ It’s way too categorized here, a lot more diverse than other places in Sweden but still” and she continues “a lot of different things going on here right now, on different levels, I’m not really up to date at the moment, except obvious things like how your street is changing etc. There has always been a lot of different people moving in and out of Malmö, which creates a complex and interesting environment. I moved here 13 years ago for that reason but starting to feel that perhaps it is time to move on.”

Being hard to place in the city is somehow also echoing in her music. When I asked her how she personal would term her music, she answered

“I have no idea! You tell me!


she jokes and continues “I thought it was funny my debut EP got referred to as “synth-goth-freak-funk” by Patrick at Piccadilly Records, though.
Seriously, I have no idea what to call it.” Frankie Twilight doesn’t deny that she is a bit of what might be called: a lonely troper.


“Most of the time I think I walk around a bit confused, my head filled with music in a neurotic state of mind

trying to figure out how to end world hunger with a melody in my head, even though I rationally decided I hate humanity. Working hard with no social life” she ends that sentence with a laugh. Making music is a way for her to become less outside and more on the inside – inside a fictional world however, “expressing and communicating through music is easy compared to talking to people. A cure for alienation. So that is one thing. Then there is also, of course, love for making songs and creating. Motivation and mojo differ from day to day, anything other than that would be weird I think. Escapism also. Parallel universes. I first started creating and escaping into fictional worlds at early age to get away from a really shitty family situation, music was a big part of that.”

“None, I wish it was still underground.” I’ve just asked her about what she considered being the strengths of the current music scene are. The new era of home studios and software producers: “Since everybody decided they can do music it has become really hard to make your voice heard, especially if you are nothing more than a simple musician who don’t want to indulge in social media and be spending time on all of that.


Just make music and nothing more!

I try to stay true to myself, feel confident and have fun and not worry about what everybody else is doing. With that said, I do think people who have the passion should do what they love of course.”

Her love is for music is resulting in many things, as she just finished a 5 song cassette called Blue element, featuring a remix by cool cat towLie which will be out 4th of October,  released by Funeral Fog records. Malmös Spazio records decided to release one of the first songs she ever made on their VA Syd compilation, out 27th of October. And then she also finished recording some new stuff and got a remix made by in her own words: ”badass Erotek, which is super surreal, a dream come true.”

Frankie Twilight is part of the newly establish network of Nordic Festivals entitled Up Node that aims to amplify the Nordic artists, “coming together and exchanging thoughts and experiences in creative environment feels important and fun” and then she adds: “electronic kindergarten for nerds all over. Wonderful.”

––––––––– Frankie Twilight will play at PHONOClub Friday the 13th at 02:30 CET