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Fuck yes! One of the most talked about acts in contemporary techno will be playing one of their rare livesets at PHONO. Karenn is the collaborative alias of Blawan and Pariah, both known for their major contributions to the current revival of the british industrial techno scene. Although they both have roots in sub heavy garage and bass music, lately they’ve been taking their cue from the likes of Surgeon (with whom Blawan has recently released an EP as Trade), Regis and James Ruskin. Like these guys, Karenn also excells in noisy, metallic techno, but substitutes some of the clinical bleakness for rude, in-your-face streetsmarts and a live, improvised feel. As if through clenched teeth, Karenn juxtaposes heavy, hollow kicks with gritty, brutalist soundscapes and unhinged, brittle percussion. As tough as old nails and as nasty as rusty bajonets, all thunder and sickening crunch.

Anyone who was at PHONO12 will know that Robert Hood has put a lot of pressure on whoever was going to fill this years friday night slot – but if anyone is able to pull off a show as insane, heavy and ecstatic as him, these guys are it: Strickly live and kicking, Karenn come out with fingers on triggers, and though their attitude is definitely bad, their music packs a hell of a lot of punch. With the clanky swagger of an oil rig and the unstoppable momentum of a runaway steam roller, Karenn creates music from the deepest, dirtiest bowels of techno, in all its mean, lean splendour. Prepare to submit.