The Canadian producer and prime time selector LNS, real name Laura Sparrow, has a solid touch on the dancefloor while looking to infinity and beyond. She takes the alien sounds of Detroit electro and injects them with clear tones and blissful melodies.

As LNS, Laura Sparrow has quietly become one of Vancouver’s most respected selectors. She’s crafted a style that sits between cliques in her home city, finding a kindred in spirit in the perpetually underrated local DJ Scott W and throwing trippy afterparties. She plays records that are tougher than her Candadian peers and lighter than what Vancouver’s techno devotees prefer.

Sparrow debuted in 2016 on 1080p with the notable EP titled “Maligne Range” and recently she appeared on a B-side track together with DJ Stotfett on WANIATi80. She has a no-frills, all-hardware approach, though it’s far from primitive or grungy. She prefers crystal clear tones; her synth leads are as bold and brilliant as finely-wrought jewels. Built with just a drum machine and one or two other elements, her airy tunes leave every sharp corner or round contour open for inspection.

This sound palette evokes the exquisite loneliness of Tin Man paired with her ear for sing-song melody, makes for quite a combo.

Resident Advisor