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Kucharczyk / RSS B0YS / Wilhelm Bras

The Mik Musik label is run by the experienced and hyperactive multi-instrumentalist, producer and visuel artist Wojciech Kucharczyk, out of the tiny city of Skoczów on the southern edge of Poland. As part of the daytime program he’ll present a small selection of the labels artists, who all move on the fringes of electronic music – and some of them well beyond.

Kucharczyks approach to both his label and his music is reminiscent of outsider legends such as Felix Kubin or V/VM: artists whose work is characterized by a restless rate of release, an uncompromising DIY attitude and a bizarre, dadaist sense of humour. A boundless, experimental approach which can result in almost anything. Kucharczyk makes an astoundingly fun and approachable mixture of jittery pop and avant-electro, made up of minimal drumprogramming, muscular EBM and a heavy use of vocoder and voice samples. Great and slightly dysfunctional pop music for the freaks.

The two members of RSS B0YS met on a trip through Africa. Since then they’ve been creating a pummeling, pitched-down afro techno of eroded loops, smeared-out sub-bass and gritty synths. Stoned, ethno-industrial grindings are swallowed up by elliptical vortexes of degenerated rhythms. Dizzying, magnificent melodies emerge from the hypnagogic remnants. Bass, beat, Benin and Berlin converge in psychedelic, sunburned snapshots and twist and turn inside out.

Last but not least is audio-visual artist Wilhelm Bras aka Paweł Kulczyński. He is the labels lysergic electroengineer, a fearless discoverer of the homemade synthesizer. Bras creates neural short-circuits and sparkling modular collisions. Beeps, static and crackle, collapsing constructs of micro signals and lost impulses. Bras is the alchymist of high voltage luminescence, who makes the circuitry sing its wordless songs.

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