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Desolate, rain-drenched urbania, ceaseless stretches of worn-down highrises and rising, rumbling echoes from impossible machinery in some underground layer of well-oiled inhumanity.

Danish electronic producer Mischa Pavlovski conjured forth a broad range of modernity’s darker imagery with his debut Kapitel (in English: Chapter) on the likewise Copenhagen-based label Posh Isolation. Soon after its release in 2014, Pavlovski found himself performing on a wide variety of stages, both at home and around the world. Now he is ready to envelope PHONO15 in his own brand of subtle techno-trappings and hauntingly foggy soundscapes in slow-motion.

Hailing from the artistic community surrounding the alternative venue and rehearsal space Mayhem in Copenhagen, it’s no wonder if Mischa Pavlovski’s music seems coloured in recognizably post-industrial hues. Almost entirely self-taught, Pavlovski’s only musical output till 2012 had been as a drummer and guitarist in a couple of local acts centered around Posh Isolation.

Sharing a certain kinship with fellow label mates Age Coin, Mischa Pavlovski has helped secure a place in the spotlight for more inward-bound and deeply evocative, electronic renditions of the potential in post-industrial as a means of expression.

We are very proud to be able to present this young and still rising star on the international scene for contemplative yet nod-worthy electronic music at PHONO15.