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As a celebration of the PHONO spirit Mute State and PHONO Festival are releasing this free special PHONO16 edition of the Mute State album “Unfamiliar and Curiously Alien”
The special 200 limited edition album will be available as a free download from Monday October 3rd until Sunday October 9th.

Track list:
1. Monotonous Echo of Pulse
2. Unfamiliar And Curiously Alien
3. Music For Trains Moving Slowly
4. Somewhere Else
5. Tabula Rasa
6. Barbarians Are What We Become
7. Metsuke
8. The Wonderfully Fabulating Miss T.W.
9. A Pool of Vibrance

Download the album here!

About Mute State
Behind the electronic and downtempo jazzy notes of Mute State is the Copenhagen-based jazz guitarist Tao Højgaard. Tao, who is influenced by some of the high profile jazz musicians such as Jim Hall and Miles Davis as well as a wealth of electronic composers, has been involved in the European jazz scene since the 90’s, and plays alongside some of Scandinavia’s foremost jazz musicians.

Through looping guitar and speech samples with a wide array of guitar pedals and loop machines, Tao creates the music of Mute State in the here and now. By focusing on curiosity and playfulness, the lush and textured soundscapes are created in real time, morphing the improvisational expression into a nonlinear storyline.

Mute State’s music is, by its own right, poetry. The dreamy and melodic sounds have the ability to take the listener on a picturesque journey; a journey we here at PHONO are thrilled to embark upon!

Read more about Mute State and his performance Saturday at PHONO here.