In their own words: “N.M.O is a Trans-Oceanic Military Space Music and/or Fluxus Techno Duo”. On that note it will be a mega treat for the dance floor and NMO will be dropping some feisty new platter of propelling techno. 

N.M.O never made things easy. They are not easy to describe and they are not easy to follow along when you hear them live. But they sure as hell make you wanna try!

One part pounding drums, one part ear ripping electronics and one part Jane Fonda fitness energy – together it is a sweaty freakshow.

N.M.O has been active since 2013 releasing several EP’s on great labels like “Where to Now?” and “The Death of Rave”. Last year Powell’s Diagonal label put out their debut full-length album which leads to another question: What is N.M.O short for?

The album is titled “Nordic Mediterranean Orgaization/Numerous Miscommunications Occur” but other variations like Natalia Martínez Ordóñez, Naturkunde Museum Ostkreuz, Navngitt Mønster Opptog, Nederlandse Maatschappij Ontwikkeling also pops up when trying to dissect the eight headed serpent that is N.M.O.

One things is for sure when it comes to N.M.O: They make you move!