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Stephen Bishop is the man behind one of the last couple of years’ best and most influential labels, Opal Tapes. He’ll showcase four of the labels’ most interesting artists at PHONO14, including his own solo project, Basic House (UK). Like a lot of Opal Tapes’ releases, his music is hell-bent on dissolving the conventions of techno through use of ominous noise, liquified structure and an uncompromising DIY-mentality.

The broken ambient music of WANDA GROUP (UK), which is collaged together of found and manipulated sounds, seems both alien and strangely familiar, like half-remembered dreams. Smouldering, abstract and noise, his music is always very human and strangely moving.

Karen Gwyer‘s (US) neo-kosmische music is awash in glowing lights and sounds, that are compacted into hovering melodies, immersive bass and endlessly arpeggiating sequencers.

Much tougher is the brutalist and noisy techno of 1991 (SE) – sometimes reminiscent of Drexciya at their harshest, and sometimes simply of the sound of the post-industrial world being torn apart by its own mechanical contraptions.