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From its fledgling beginnings in the lonely locales of Thrigehallerne to its latest incarnation in a monolithic neon-silo at Odense Harbour – ten years have come and gone for a visionary and pioneering musical festival.

During the years from 2006 till now, PHONO has had its base amid rusty meat hooks in the defunct Odense Public Abattoir and brought new life to the heart of the city at the faded and abandoned disco-palace known as Arkaden.

When PHONO yet again lets the public step inside the majestically towering FAF-buildings from the 10th-12th of September, it will also be a celebration of ten years as a musical and creative spearhead.

Inventive and forward-looking festival

The essence of PHONO has always been a mixture of non-compromising art and an unrestrained festive atmosphere. The festival’s pioneering spirit has secured its unique placement in the cultural landscape and attracted artists and guests from all over the world.

Now, for the tenth time, the festival is ready to overwhelm both senses and sensibilities of our guests with a strong and ambitious musical programme, which will both scry the possible future of music and celebrate the heights of bygone years of PHONO.

A new beginning

Without clinging too much to the past, PHONO 2015 also represents a kind of rebirth. This year, PHONO has managed to secure both a new slew of partners and strong, visionary forces in the festival’s managing team. Amongst the innovations is a new and independent board of directors consisting of leading musical professionals and visionary concept developers. Their task is to hone the festival’s frame and content to an even further degree.

Meanwhile, this year’s PHONO will see a marked expansion in the visual dimension. PHONO’s team of designers and light engineers will receive an invigorating boost of working hands, causing an even greater focus on the aesthetic surroundings in and at the FAF-building. This means that our guests can expect more playful experiments and integrative installations at PHONO 2015.

The goal is to create a festival that caters to the immediate joy of music, excites the eye and knocks you in the chest.

The programme will be revealed continuously starting now. Tickets are available for purchase at HERE.