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Having to stop the party at 02 AM has always been one of our biggest gripes. But rejoice, no more!

With the introduction of PHONO Club, we have faced the consequences of our early closing hours and delegated the never-ending rave to the local club Slagteriet. PHONO Club takes place on Friday and Saturday, continuing the party after the last echoes have faded out in the FAF-building.

Teaming up with DJ-collectives Rare Nights from Copenhagen and Regelbau from Aarhus, it is our aim to present a curated selection of extraordinary DJs who don’t quite fit into the rest of our live-performing line-up.

Rare Nights have chosen British DJ and producer Koehler as their main featured DJ on Friday. Releasing his debut EP in 2013, he has been slowly conquering dance floors with his modern take on UK techno, fused with 90s inspiration from Jungle and Drum’n’Bass. Rare Nights members Erosion Flow, Kasper Marott and Alfredo501 will act as support.

Regelbau, 11 passionate techheads, have selected creative director for the outstanding Berlin-based label Klasse Recordings, DJ and producer Luca Lozano as their guest of honour during Saturday’s takeover. Reveling in the intrinsic drive between opposites, Lozano thrives in a field between House and Techno, equally at home in both sombre reflection and outrageous danceability. Regelbau members 2 Bit Crew and Milan Zaks & Mathias Okholm will act as support.

We hope our guests will grab this chance to experience some of the best of what the local and international DJ-scene has to offer – and dance their feet away while doing so.


But wait, there’s more!

As a last treat, we’ve included Den Århus Tekno Kriger AKA Goodiepal on this year’s daytime programme. We honestly don’t know what to expect from this unique musician, artist and trickster during his second visit to PHONO, but he has described his performance as “Fuck art – sunglasses inside – Hiphop and rock & roll 4 ever” – we’re not sure if this helps, but we are of course nevertheless very proud to present his one of a kind machinations.

Italian producer and self-taught explorer of electronic timbres, Ina Ynoki is our final addition for the daytime hours. Growing up on the Italian scene for hardcore punk, Ynoki suddenly found a strong interest in the field of spontaneous composition and oddball sampling regimes. We are very much looking forward to this recently discovered talent and his outsider perspective on electronic music.


PHONO Club event here.

Luca Lozano (UK)

Koehler (UK)

Rare Nights (DK)

Regelbau (DK)

Goodiepal (DK)

Ina Ynoki (IT)