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The line-up at PHONO15 is a beast borne on equal parts introspective contemplation and outbound bodily expression.

During the festival’s daytime hours, artists such as F. E. Denning, Rune Bagge and SØS Gunver Ryberg plunge vast inner depths with their left-field explorations of subjective space-time and spatial dimensions both real and imagined – the latter with a decidedly technoid twist, foreshadowing the acts that only come out at night.

While the mainstage line-up during the evening hours sees things take a turn for the danceable, there is no clearly drawn line separating day and night. Artists such as Sun Araw, Mischa Pavlovski, Tradework, Grün and Beatrice Dillon might represent vastly different temperaments and climates, yet they all share a certain interest in the paradoxical combination of inner space with out-of-body spatiality.

Showcasing our affinity for all things electro, German and Dutch forces unite with acts ranging from legendary alias-inventor Atom™ to always entertaining Felix Kubin and raunchy Ekman. Meanwhile, true pioneers of kraut-rock, Irmler + Liebezeit are ready to give you a lesson in cascading tribal rhythms – probably not too far off from what is to be expected from another exciting collaboration, Black Zone Myth Chant & Low Jack, ghetto-sensible, industrially-tinged psych-out.

Another theme in this year’s mainstage line-up is the original definition of industrial music. Here, genre-definers Clock DVA bring authentic industrial clangs and EBM-like beats to FAF with their overwhelming audio-visual show.

Overwhelming is also a fitting description for In Aeternam Vale’s submerged techno anthems – while not as indebted to industrial music as Clock DVA, the French shadow figure is still deeply inspired by the genre, a common denominator for a lot of acts on this year’s line-up.

Putting the crowd’s feet entirely in front of their brains, we have the overlooked French disco legend Black Devil Disco Club, whose electronically-infused Italo came out alongside much more well-known Georgio Moroder. Now he’s back and ready to rock our bodies.

Equally immediate is the churning techno from British producer Head Front Panel – otherwise living in conscious obscurity, he recently unveiled himself and initiated a string of much-lauded live performances.

Controller virtuoso Debmaster and hiphop-inspired Brit Lone featuring Konx-Om-Pax carry on in this vein of head-bopping immediacy, each of them showing off just how far the positive, melodic feedback between man and machine can be stretched.

PHONO15 also presents the odd and fascinating digitally bit-reduced works from cassette-DJ and producer Tapes. Combining Nintendo-nostalgia with booty-shaking riddims, his glitchy amalgamation of dub, dancehall and sheer bass is something we look very much forward to.

Last, but certainly not least, we have the eclectic, ofttimes exhilarating and occasionally downright scary polyrhythmic soundscapes of HVAD. Channeling both his Eastern heritage and his ghetto-environs in Copenhagen’s Nørrebro-borough, HVAD conjures forth a dense universe of cut-up, percussive collage.


With PHONO Club we aim to make PHONO15 a holistic experience, encompassing everything electronic music has to offer. This includes late nights and early mornings fueled by pounding beats.

PHONO takes over the local nightclub Slagteriet to showcase the sound of innovative club music in 2015.

Two days of dancing till sunrise adds an extra and vital dimension to this year’s festival – the club.

Friday 11th of September: RARE Nights – innovative & pounding, deep UK techno & house crew from Copenhagen invites the versatile, funky and dirty DJ and producer Koehler (UK)

Saturday 12th of September: Regelbau – Kings of Aarhus’ underground events with a taste for psyched-out and sleazy house.

Taking over Odense Musikbibliotek

As a special treat we also invite you to participate in a takeover of Odense Musikbibliotek – Odense’s Music Library. The takeover will take place on both the 10th and the 11th of September. On the 10th it will be led by the truly unique artist extraordinaire Goodiepal. We have set him free to do as he pleases, so open your minds and let this curious spirit take over.

The 11th will consist of a workshop led by Italian recycling-fanatic and master of DIY, Grün, whose interests lie in reassembling junked-out electronics to fit his own musical purposes.

We’ve done our best to make this year’s line-up packed to the brim with exciting acts, and we hope you will find something that excites you as well.

See you on the 10th – 12th of September!