This year’s editions marks the 12 anniversary for PHONO. What started out as a small DIY event in 2006 with the purpose to fill the void of experimental and electronic music in Odense and an agenda to prove that electronic music could be experienced as a live act as any given genres and not just devalued to cute-as-button-djs. This assumption is no longer valid and electronic music is today more widespread and recognized on every level at the music scene – from the deepest core of th eunderground to the high-pitched mainstream.

Today we have chosen the theme “Encourage” in order to relate music beyond the beats. We can not stress how important it is that music can set a positive example of how we act in a world in constant flux and show so much cruelty. Today we see nations barricade borders, where music dismantle them. We experience cultural exchange being denied where music encourage it.

When a festival like PHONO presents artists from all over the world, and creates a space where several cultures with no prejudices intangles, that is when the music turn its neat side to the front and shows us something we should take into every aspect of our society and everyday life. Hopefully the aftermath of PHONO will not only result in a great weekend with new insights in electronic music but also a memorable display of diversity beyond music genres.

The first evening of the festival is featuring the first appearance on Danish soil by Elysia Crampton and her experimental multifacetedness underscored by radical and queer politics, Internet-informed collages by London’s Klein, beats and chimes from all over the world brought by Den Sorte Skole, feisty new platter of propelling techno By Norwegian and Spanish N.M.O and many more.  

Check the festival schedule and keep you updated on our Facebook page. Please reminder that it is not possible to buy entrance at PHONO Club you need the a PHONO wristband at Kunsthal Ulys.

We welcome you with open arms, heart and mind.