Presenting the 12th edition of


The dates for the forthcoming 12th edition of the festival is ready along with this year’s theme: ENCOURAGE.
Furthermore the first three artists are ready for line-up: Plaid (UK) + Age Coin (DK) + Yally (UK).

Dates, theme and first artist announcement

We are more than thrilled to present the 12th edition of PHONO. Last year, more than 1500 people joined us for a line-up featuring artists from all over the world, counting Japan, France and USA – all delivering an array of cross-genre performances and extraordinary moments. Today we can announce the first acts for PHONO17, which will take place in Odense, Denmark on October 12. – 14. Our venues are still a secret, but it is safe to say that the warehouse atmosphere will be extremely present.

It has always been an aim for us to not only present music, but also to construct a creative platform to challenge the perception of electronic music. Throughout the festival’s lifetime we have explored all the musical prefixes you can think of — from minimal and dub, through glitch and abstract, to the more experimental noise material and jazzy vibrations. We aim to broaden the horizons of our audience and blur the musical boundaries between ambient, techno, leftfield house, footwork, industrial etcetera.

PHONO’s music nucleus is easy to explain: encourage the open mind.

This year’s theme

Therefore this year’s festival theme is ENCOURAGE. With this theme, we want to put emphasis on the positive things that music as an art form encourages every day: passion, love and diversity, touching on geography, gender, culture and ethnicity. Music can encourage human beings – and even nations – to make a change. It can encourage and lead to an entire revolution. We encourage you to join us at PHONO17.

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First three acts

The first announcement for the festival’s programme includes Plaid (UK) with Ed Handley & Andy Turner, Yally (UK) and the Copenhagen-based duo Age Coin (DK).

Plaid (UK)  

Together with Aphex Twin and Autechre, Plaid brought new rhythmic variation, emotive melody and sensual textures to electronic music, creating a warm and welcoming counterpart to the white heat of the rave explosion.

Age Coin (DK)

The dynamics of Age Coin’s sound work around the contrast between hard-hitting techno and rusty ambient that echo the intense, bleak temperaments from the musical underground in Copenhagen.

Yally (UK)

UK duo Raime’s project Yally is a brutal combination of garage, grime and jungle. It’s a chilling and stripped-back journey to early grime and monumental sub-bass frequencies.

From now on we will keep the announcements flowing. Stay tuned.

Tickets for the festival are available via Resident Advisor

There is a limited amount of early bird tickets.