Transformation X PHONO

OFFvenueAndreas Høgh

As part of the big transformation project at the harbour of Odense. We have curated the music for the openning of the exhibition.

Andreas Høegh released his first album “Between Every Day” back in 2015 on the Copenhagen-based label Blodrøde Floder. The album is a combination of ambient and rough industrial noises and includes field recordings in a mix with puffs of beats. Combined, it makes the real world echo in his world of machines.

Andreas Høegh’s strengths lie in his otherworldly sound design and the way he constructs moods and textures. The musical elements hang together in a gentle sway packed with swirling wind-blows and foggy synths. Since his debut he has continued to refine his expressive yet subtly arranged sound.

Friday 12._________ May
Doors: 17h / Concert: 19h
Free admission