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Do you want to get to know the artists playing at PHONO16 a little better?

We’ve talked to Central, who is one of the many artists performing Friday. Behind the artist name is Natal Zaks from the danish city Aarhus who is embracing diverse forms of club oriented music which is often forthright, raw and almost impulsive.

Tell us a bit about Central

The Central project started in 2013, when I started working more on dancefloor music after a longer break from that field. I began working more intensely in tracks, starting them without a plan and finishing them in way shorter time than I was used to. This resulted in a lot of material. The Central alias is, as I described here, more a project or a mindset, than a sound. At least that’s the way I think of it. Some things are knee deep in the house vibe, while others mechanic or headless. I try not to restrain myself or the sound. For these reasons, the Central project is hard to control, as the main aspect is “not controlling” but following what it/I initiate.

Have you heard about PHONO before?

First time I heard about PHONO I was surprised that such a festival was taking place in Denmark. In many ways, the danish scene has been colored by a different palette than what I find to be interesting. So finding great acts like Robert Hood, Jamal Moss, DJ Rashad and Emptyset in Odense in (‘12 & ‘13 I believe), made me think to myself “here are some people who talk the same language”. Of course this also resulted in the ambition to play at the festival but this year is the first year to try that out. I’ve been wanting to contribute for quite some years, so I’m looking forward to doing my best.

If you have to recommend a couple of concerts from the PHONO16 programme, which isn’t you own show, which would it be?

PHONO has a lot to offer, this has been proven year after year. I believe that the musical dedication and forward-thinking mindset makes this one of the few festivals you could go to and not know about any of the acts. I can’t say I know even half of the performers so I’m looking forward to being surprised.

What can we expect from your performance at PHONO16?

As I described before the central project has a vivid and uncontrollable character for me, so live-situations vary a lot from time to time. Some concerts have been based on creating collages out of the countless hours of material I have, with tapes and some machines. As my preparations are starting now, I can say that the concert at Phono will embrace aspects of both improvisation and released material.

Read more about Central here and listen to his newest records ‘Political Dance #1’ and ‘Political Dance #2’ below.