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On PHONO16, the label founder Kruton (aka Bintus aka Milo Smee) and underground hip-hop legend Sensational teams up for a special world premier performance. We had the luck to ask Kruton a few questions.

Tell us a bit about Kruton x Sensational
My way into it was getting a Sensational 12″ which had a track called ‘Livin’ it Up’ on it around 2003, which remains one of my fave ever Hip Hop tracks. It’s not up on youtube – an inferior version is though that sounds nothing like the original, so don’t mistake that for what I’m talking about. Anyway, I had wanted to see him live for ages which I got to do a few years ago when he played in Berlin with Koyxen & Scotch Bonnet, so I went along to that and introduced myself after the show. I’d just started Power Vacuum and had in the back of my mind to get something together with him down the line as I had some old Kruton tracks which were basically unrealized Hip Hop tracks, because I didn’t know anyone who could rap at the time. So I got in contact a couple of years later and sent him some of these tracks. After a bit of hustle, it all came together pretty easily.

Have you heard about PHONO before?
Only after playing there a couple of years ago, which was an excellent introduction!

If you have to recommend a couple of concerts from the PHONO16 programme, which isn’t your own show, which would it be?
Assuming most people who come to Phono are interested in groove-based music, Tony Allen is a must see. He’s playing an interesting collaboration with Moritz von Oswald and Max Loderbauer. I’m buzzing on this prospect already. Although there’s loads of other stuff I’m interested in seeing.. I’ve gotta go for Paul Birken with my second choice, because I think he’s really on it with the craft of hammering out a wicked hardware live set.. Oh, and Illdjinn!

What is your most beloved equipment, and why?
I had a Simmons SDX sampling drum kit / sequencer / ‘creation interface’ for about 20 years before recently having to sell it due to hard times, to quote Phil Oakey. It’s hard to describe how unique this instrument is. Suffice to say it made me a believer in many ways that the interface you use to construct music with is more important than the sounds you can get out of them.

What can we expect from your performance at PHONO16?
A right old racket. I hope we’ll get a rehearsal in on the thursday. Also I think a drum kit will be available because Tony Allen is playing on the same night, so I might get on the drums and do some freestyle with Sensational at the helm. Chances like that to humiliate yourself by attempting to play drums after one of the best there is, are simply too hard to resist.

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