PlayOFF X PHONO: Just as real

Just as real by PlayOFF X PHONO festival | Equis | MLH1407 | Venue: TBA, Odense | Thursday, August 31th | Doors: 14:00 | Free entrance |

‘Just as real’ is a collaboration between the film festival OFF and the electronic music festival PHONO. The project explores new formats for the future of music releases. The aim is to exhibit how technology can expand the media of the music industry and create new artistic outcomes that goes beyond the traditional ways of releasing music.

The contemporary composer Xenia Xamanek Lopez also known as Equis has teamed up with the virtual reality designer MLH1407, and together they have created a new meadium that integrates sound and VR.

The audience must devote the entire body to ensure the release’s completion.

The realese includes three pieces:

Piece 1: It is not the ocean, but for me, it is the ocean
Piece 2: Convolved
Piece 3: A very large body of water

The VR-exhibition opens at 14:00

Concert starts at 21.00

The project is proudly supported by Statens Kunstfond & Kulturkontakten Odense.