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From a bunker in Aarhus, these 11 DJs and musicians have ensured a solid local underground house and techno scene by throwing parties in abandoned mansions and schools, and by their commitment to the local nightclub Double Rainbow. Already sold out on their first collectively produced vinyl release, their own label is already poised to deliver their second release, “RB02”, in the beginning of September.

Four members of the crew will represent Regelbau at PHONO15. Chris Cheops and Martin Frydkjær, also known as 2 Bit Crew, will be performing a live-set rooted in 90s house music. The BCR-regulars Milan Zaks (co-founder of Help Recordings) and label boss Mathias Okholm will act as support with one of their always refreshing DJ-sets.


Luca Lozano (Klasse Recordings / UK)

2 Bit Crew (Live)

Milan Zaks & Mathias Okholm