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PHONO16 artist Peder Mannerfelt’s latest album ‘Controlling Body’ which features the synth pop artist Glasser, just got reviewed by RA (Resident Advisor), giving it 3.8 out of 5:

“Mannerfelt doesn’t settle for simply framing her (Glasser) voice with his assymetric beats. Instead, he weaves it deep into the fabric of music.”

The online music magazine Pitchfork also gave the album a review, giving it one of their best rankings, 8.1:

“Given linguistic cues like these, it’s not hard to find all manner of possible interpretations for the ideas that give Controlling Body its substance; it’s about as literary as instrumental electronic music gets. But Mannerfelt also keeps things wonderfully open‐ended: The patient, glassy pings of “The Confidence of Ignorance” climax in a slow, rhythmic fusillade of gunshots and distant shouts, and if the source is what I think it is, that almost certainly makes this the finest album this year that samples skeet shooting.”

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