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Kevain Wayne Space aka Record Player Boo aka RP Boo is widely recognized to be the godfather of footwork, the genre which in the late 90’s mutated forth in the ghettoes of Chicago, as the soundtrack for dance battles in abandoned parking garages and closed-down restaurants. This was where the deceased DJ Rashad (R.I.P.) founded the dominant footwork-crew Teklife – but before then, RP Boo had already set the standards for the shape of the genre.

Footwork, which was also present at last year’s festival with DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad, grew out of the raw & rude juke and ghetto house, as it was made by fx the legendary Dance Mania label. RP Boo took the already hectic beats and brutally cut-up samples of these genres and made them even more hyperactive and broken, increased the tempos to break-neck speed and generally loaded his tracks with so much rhythmic information, that they were nearly collapsing from the weight.

These impossible tracks, which were not released until 10 years later on the record Legacy, was created on cheap hardware and were custom-made to challenge the dancers of Chicago with their saturated mess of syncopated samples and rhythms which became the blueprints for one of the biggest and most astounding innovations of new-millennium electronic music.

RP Boo’s use of samples is a chapter of it’s own – plunder is claimed from nearly all of the pop cultural spectrum, and everything from samurai movies to Justin Timberlake, Tarzan and Phil Collins is being chopped to bits in Boo’s blender. Small and disembodied fragments are put together in almost incomprehensible ways atop unmistakably pneumatic and relentless bass-lines, that only leave room for the grotesquely syncopated and polyrhythmic drum-tracks.

It is nearly unbelievable that music this far out in the realms of the abstract can be so irresistibly, physically moving. But that is what the music of RP Boo is – it is an overwhelming call to battle, a frenetically sparkling pulse, which short-circuits the brain, the ears and – not least – the feet.