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Establishing himself as a somewhat notorious presence on the harder fringes of the Copenhagen scene for techno and its many-faced ilk, Danish Rune Bagge is a longtime haunter of local venues with his highly intense and tight vinyl-based DJ-sets consisting of dry and aggressive industrial techno.

Inspired by such renowned labels as Sandwell District and Downwards, Bagge has as of late begun a more personal journey to the no less daunting arena of live-performance. Hauling with him a tight-knit selection of electronic hardware, his live-sets draw on a vast knowledge of techno’s darker sides – fueled equally by the pounding love of fast tempos and the introspective potential in the genre’s more ambient, atmospherically mood-inducing passages.

Musically, Bagge seems influenced by such luminaries as Abdulla Rashim, glitchy grandfathers of stumbling percussion Autechre and the no-holds-barred, utterly bodymorphing stomp-off, British Murder Boys. Meanwhile, dubbed-out soundscapes are seldom out of reach, leaving his live-sets suspended between external expression and internal exploration.

It’s about time Odense and the world learns more about Rune Bagge, and we can’t wait for him to give you a deep experience of dark dub techno beats and delayed soundscapes.