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Six acts have been added to this year’s line-up, and we’re almost exploding with anticipation.

Get ready to dance your legs off to Black Devil Disco Club, as Bernard Fevre, unknown legend, teaches PHONO a lesson in Italo and disco for the first time ever. Living in near-total obscurity for decades, Fevre was discovered by chance by an employee from Rephlex Records in 2004 and has lit up crowds ever since.

American dub-traveller Sun Araw will also play the festival this year, and you can expect a one-way ticket to your inner workings, as his trio guides you through the doors of perception. His latest album ‘Gazebo Effect’, set to be released in June this year, is based on the zen-like concept of a metaphorical garden.

In Aerternam Vale remained largely undiscovered for years, but has been putting out a solid stream of sombre, yet distinctly ecstatic techno-records on the label Minimal Wave since 2006. Prepare to dive deep as frontman Laurent Prot plasters the walls of the FAF-building with his hypnotic, rhythmically driven vision.

We’re also very proud to be able to present Danish drone-dweller F.E. Denning, dub-scapes with Middle Eastern voice treatments from Tradework and French laptop-and-controller-virtuoso Debmaster at PHONO15.

Stay tuned for more news!

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