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The closing concert is beyond compare the biggest setup in the history of PHONO. Eight classical musicians fra Norway, called The Bell Laboratory, will be playing on church bells, which weighs three tons. On the stage with them, the german technoproducer Panta Du Prince will run the show. The closing concert will be kicked-off by Morphosis / Charles Cohen.

An odd couple

German techno and norweigan classical rarely goes hand by hand. Their concert at PHONO will be the first in Denmark making it a grand finale to the biggest PHONO festival ever.

Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory are presented by The Goethe Institut.

Epic kick-off

The closing concert will begin at 19.00 with Morphosis and Charles Cohen. First they will play individually – but in the end, they will unite and make a epic start to this years closing concert.

Buy your ticket to the epic closing concert here. It’s only 145 DKK / 20€